My first blog post

My first blog post


Phong Nha – Mai Chau

Distance: 509 km  Time taken: Roughly 12 hours (split over two days) Route rating: 7/10 From Phong Nha most itineraries head straight north along highway 1 stopping in Vinh and Ninh Binh before arriving in the capital. Ninh Binh is well worth a visit but Katherine and I had already made the trip there. Also …

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Hue – Phong Nha National Park

Distance: 293 km Time taken: Around 5 hours Route rating: 6/10 Today was a long calm and somewhat uneventful drive first along highway 1 and then on the HCM Highway taking us from Hue to Phong Nha National Park.  The journey took us right through the DMZ (demilitarised zone) which was the border of North …

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Da Nang – Hue (Hai Van Pass) 

Distance: 113km  Time taken: Around 3 hours Route Rating: 7/10 Today was the day that we were going to take on the Hai Van Pass, the most famous section of road in Vietnam. This patch of road has achieved it's cult status due to the glowing recommendations of everybody's favourite miserable b*stard Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson …

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Hoi An – Da Nang

Distance: 30km Time taken: Around 45 minutes Route rating: 5/10 With heavy hearts we said goodbye to Hoi An and again started north. We only had a short hop planned for the day as we were going to spend the night in Da Nang. It was a Saturday night which meant that the bridge in …

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Kham Duc – Hoi An

Distance: 108km Time taken: Around 3 hours Route rating: 7/10 Feeling groggy after an evening of drinking with the locals we were unceremoniously woken up by an exercise class going on in the park opposite. I rubbed my tired eyes and was shocked to see it say 5 a.m! O KY the Vietnamese would be …

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Tuy Hoa – An Khe

Distance: 193km Time: Around 5 hours Route rating: 6/10 Today was the day that we said goodbye to the coast and went off piste. Up until this point we had been following the 3 week itinerary mapped out in Lonely Planet's excellent Vietnam travel guide, but today we wanted to explore something different. The most …

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Nha Trang – Tuy Hoa

Distance: 123 km Time taken: Around 3.5 hours Route rating: 7:10 We left Nha Trang late morning setting off with Qui Nhon as our target destination for the day. Qui Nhon was 213km north of Nha Trang and is generally used as the middle overnight point for the long stretch of highway 1 between Nha …

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Mui Ne – Dalat

Distance: 190 km Time: Around six hours Route rating: 8/10 After spending two days feasting on delicious seafood and exploring the vast undulating sand dunes a change of pace and scenery was required so we headed inland to Dalat in the South-West highlands. As we left Mui Ne the road took us north and onto …

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