Dalat – Nha Trang

Distance: 140km

Time: Around 4 hours

Rating: 9/10

After an interrupted night of sleep at Lucky D’s we got on the road to Nha Trang. The night before we had bumped into a rabble of backpackers who had just completed the trip and they were all singing praises of the route so we set off with high expectations for the days ride.  

Dalat – Nha Trang

Once we got going we were not disappointed. The road went up and up out of Dalat for about an hour and then after that it was two hours of downhill coasting cutting through the most amazing mountain scenery. 


80% of the road was in really good condition but as with most things in Vietnam the finishing touches were missing and patches were gravel tracks. This prevented us from going too fast downhill which was definitely a good thing as it means that I’m here now to write this blog. Maybe they should try that in the UK and have crap sections of roads to get people to slow down…

Dalat – Nha Trang

The bikes handled the uphills and windy roads with no drama and we cruised into Nha Trang by early afternoon ready to hit the beach. We definitely could have completed the trip faster but I wanted to stop around every corner to get snaps of the awe-inspiring views. There was an abundance of waterfalls flowing down the mountains and valley views that stretched on for miles. When I wasn’t stopping every few minutes to check out the view I was giggling uncontrollably like the overgrown child I felt like on my shiny new bike. 

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is Russia’s premier beach resort (it almost definitely isn’t but it was full of Russians so that’s what I call it in my head). It’s been tailor made to be a tourist seaside attraction and as such it’s got all the western bars, restaurants and prices to go with it. We stayed at the iFriends hostel which was just across the road from the beach. The couple who ran the hostel spoke great English and were really friendly. 

As its been built as a seaside resort it’s difficult to have a quiet night here, but there are few better beaches in Vietnam, so even if you do wake up with a cracking hangover the beach is only a crawl away. There is lots of touristy things to do and see in Nha Trang but due to our limited budget we skipped most of the recommended highlights. There is a theme park on an island just off the coast that you have to reach by cable car across the water. It looks like the most delightfully tacky place I’ve ever seen and part of me does regret not checking it out. The only other island theme park I’ve ever seen is the one featured in Jurassic World so in my head I unrealistically imagine that it’s like that. If any readers went to VinPearlLand please leave a comment to let me know how it was. 

After a few long days ride on the bikes all we wanted was to chill so we stocked up on some cheap Bia Saigon’s and lay on the beach as the sun went down. Perfect day! 

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