My first blog post

In August 2016 my girlfriend and I left our comfortable steady jobs in England to travel to Vietnam to teach English. We arranged everything before we left the UK and rocked up in Hanoi with a 5 month teaching gig waiting for us. Teaching in Vietnam was crazy but if you have a lot of energy and patience it’s a great experience and will probably be the most fun job I’ll ever have. 

A typically crazy excited class

When the end of our contract came in January we decided to travel and embarked on a two month, two wheeler, adventure around the country. Turns out that everything in Vietnam is crazy, not just the teaching, and we had an incredible time seeing the different parts of the country.

Another decent view… (Mi Leng Pass, Ha Giang)

This blog is for me to share some of our experiences as after 7 months in Vietnam. Being there for that long and travelling all around we learnt a lot so even if I get just one hit, it will be good to pass that knowledge on to somebody. 


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