Hoi An – Da Nang

Distance: 30km

Time taken: Around 45 minutes

Route rating: 5/10

With heavy hearts we said goodbye to Hoi An and again started north. We only had a short hop planned for the day as we were going to spend the night in Da Nang. It was a Saturday night which meant that the bridge in Danang that was shaped like a dragon was going to breathe fire. Yes you read that correctly, in Vietnam there is a fire breathing dragon bridge!! I could not pass up the prospect of seeing something so ridiculous and managed to convince Katherine that this was worth stopping in Danang for. 

We stopped on our way to Danang at Marble Mountans, you can probably guess from the name what this place was. As we parked the bikes we had our first (and only) injury of the trip, Katherine parked too close to Brucey and his exhaust gave her leg a hot kiss. He left his mark and Katherine soon had an enormous blister on her calf which looked oddly like a fish… It may have been because of katherines injury and her whining with every step but I found the marble mountains underwhelming. For me they were interesting but nowhere near as beautiful as the peaks you can climb and explore further north in Ninh Binh province. From the top you can just see cities and coast whereas in Ninh Binh there’s more peaks of acres upon acres of paddy fields. 

I did enjoy the ironical aspect of the shops surrounding the mountains. These shops are full of marble souvenirs you can buy to remember your trip to the marble mountains but the irony is that the marble they are selling is all from China as the mountains are protected!

We arrived in Danang with one objective, to see the fire breathing dragon. The show started at 9 p.m and went on for all of about one minute. For sheer ridiculousness it was worth seeing, but it’s definitely not a sight I would say that you had to go out of your way for or should be planning an itinerary around?  

Fire breathing dragon bridge

After this bizarre spectacle we headed back to the hotel excited for the next days ride and the famous Hai Van Pass. 

For all sections of the trip click here


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